App 4 Traders

The 4 Traders app is your main ally at the point of sale

Have absolute control of the POS and make life easier for employees in the field. The 4 Traders app is your main ally at the point of sale.

GPS location

Dashboard with current location of each user

Data capture

Data collected at the POS (price, evidence of exposures, etc.)

Managers' main strategy channel

The 4 Traders Application is a very powerful tool, both for managers and for the Field Force and is used to be the main strategy channel for managers with the point of sale. Speaking from the point of view of management, through the Control Panel it is possible to verify the current location of each user, check hours worked consolidated, routes taken and mileage, management of visits, general data collected at the point of sale (actions of competition, price control, evidence of exhibitions, general research of the point of sale, etc.).

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Application for collaborators

The application makes life easier for those in the field, standardizing the information and also having a tool at hand at all times, not wasting precious sales time collecting different information and consolidating in working hours, everything can be done on time with the application.

Available for Android

Available for Android with easy upgrade for all employees via Play Store

Descubra como empresas como Samsung, Intel e Asus já utilizam nossas soluções de Treinamento e Trade Marketing.