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Standardized content distribution

FlashSales brings in a standardized way the dissemination of content in the format of video pills and PDF files to Field Force. It is focused on taking the essential information to those who need it, who have contact with the client or even the consumer, with the publication of Quizes.

Flash Sales

Content is delivered to users quickly. The application is installed and ready, the information will already be on the screen of the mobile device offline, without consumption of operator data.


Final consumer

With FlashSales you can also take information to the final consumer in the store, through the app with fully customized interface with the visual identity of your brand.

Through short video pills you can disseminate complex concepts, advanced functions and positioning messages in a much more efficient and unified way.

Complete control panel

The managers have a complete panel of views and users of the application with the possibility of downloading information in Excel format.


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