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Complete management of your field team in one system

Have you ever thought about managing your team using only one system, effectively, with centralized information that all managers can access?

Developed by those who use


The Field Team Management System was developed at four hands, with feedback from our customers, who actually use the tool. Through this tool it is possible to know which are the stores to be visited in detail, which promoter, which address, which schedule, who is the store manager and much more. We can say that all planning is in the system and the promoter/merchandiser only needs to follow the guidelines described there and after each visit he or she must complete a feedback with evidence.

Listing, creating, editing, authoring, and removing face-to-face events

Management of Prerequisites (materials) for the training to occur

Detailed cost management of events/training

Complete management (creation, editing and removal) of retail networks and stores

Complete travel management

Managers can request training according to the agenda

Reporting of user results (notes and attendances)

Insertion of training evidence (images, etc.)

Complete reports by trainer, region, period, network/store, etc.

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