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Android APP

Compatible with Android devices and free distribution via Google Play

Custom Layout

Customizable layout according to the look & feel of your brand

Exportable Reports

Dashboard With View Measurement and Exportable Reports (.xlsx)

Online and Offline

Once installed, the app works without the need for an internet connection


Broadcast video pills in an efficient and unified way

Through short video pills you can disseminate complex concepts, advanced functions and positioning messages in a much more efficient and unified way to the entire retail market.


  • Standardization of communication at the point of sale
  • Pre-existing viral-use culture within the audience
  • Learning as a side effect of use
  • Contents are updated in all installed base via Google Play


Up to date sales force

Your entire sales force, direct and indirect, will have access on their own smartphones, in a language with which they are fully familiar and without the need for any bureaucracy such as login, registration, etc..

Simple and objective dashboard

Through a simple and objective Dashboard, managers can see in real time the number of installations of their customized application, number of views of each video by location, among other information. In addition, the contents can be updated very simply and quickly.


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