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Distance Learning technology with powerful features at your fingertips

We combined advanced features with ease of management and the result is a powerful tool ready to generate results.

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Taylor made projects


You can filter the data online and view it in the administrator panel and also export it in Excel format to work the way you want.


Get an overview of the entire platform through pre-compiled graphs with key information important to you.

User-friendly interface and multi-platform access

Easy access for your audience, who don't need training to use the platform. Your content can be accessed via desktop, mobile phones or tables via the web or Android application.


Online Testing and Certification


Evaluations can be configured before and/or after training. You can also evaluate performance using configurable general tests (without training) and reaction evaluations.


When you reach the defined minimum hit rate, a certificate is generated immediately for printing and downloading. The user has access to all the certificates obtained in his profile, as well as the managers can obtain unified reports or for each training.

Integration with trade marketing apps, sales and more

E-training has native integration with the other Take 5 apps for in-store training, field team management and much more, as well as external and customized integrations.


On-site training with the Training Planner

Native integration with the Training Planner, a system of scheduling and control of events and face-to-face training with the main focus on the management and control of field teams.

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Management of employees in the field via geolocation

Integration with the 4 Trainers app for managing employees through itineraries and monitoring via geolocation.

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    “Gostamos muito do E-Training Take 5 a como nos possibilitou que chegássemos à todos os colaboradores externos (time de campo), com a missão de levarmos conhecimento e padronização da informação. Conseguimos disseminar treinamentos administrativos, comportamentais, técnicos e motivacionais.”
    Daniela Conrado
    Gerente de Treinamento — Pop Trade
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